The Project

Cabell County teachers, in cooperation with the Marshall University Harless Center, has entered into a partnership with Carnegie-Mellon University to beta-test a new and exciting data logger called the "WaterBot". The WaterBot is a product of the Create Lab at Carnegie-Mellon that allows students to collect temperature and conductivity data wirelessly from a body of water to a laptop, as far as 200 yards away. Several of us will be putting this device to use over the upcoming year and will use this blog to communicate our results.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

On  Sunday, October 7, Rick Sharpe, Brian McNeel and I installed two WaterBots on Four Pole Creek in Huntington, WV.

1st WaterBot (#20 Lat: 38.38616  Lon: -82.39620)
This WaterBot is located close to Huntington High School. It's hard to tell, but the post with the WaterBot is located on the bank and the sensor is attached to a log under the water.  A GigaPan of the first site can be found at:

 Examining the first site for the best placement.

 A better look at the site.

 "If I had a hammer!"

 Brian looking for a signal.

 Can't install a WaterBot without getting a little wet!

Ready to go!

2nd WaterBot (#22  Lat: 38.40696  Lon: -82.44949)
The second WaterBot is located in Ritter Park. It was mounted to the creek side of an overhanging tree.   The sensor was held under water by attaching it to a short piece of rebar pounded into the creek bed.  
A GigaPan of the installation at this site can be found at: 
A GigaPan of the site taken after installation:

 Crossing Four Pole Creek to get to installation site.

 The perfect tree.

 Brian and Rick hard at work!

 The sensor is attached to a piece of rebar pounded into the creek bed.

 Rick looks for a signal.

Installation complete! 

Caught in the act!